Diabetes Management

A young family enjoys an outdoor picnic together.

What factors affect blood glucose levels?

Managing T1D requires knowledge of actions and activities that cause blood sugar fluctuations. Here's a list of what factors affect blood glucose levels.

Friends with type 1 diabetes toast to summer, friendship and happy gatherings.

Tips for managing diabetes during socially-distant summer gatherings

A little bit of preparation (and designating a buddy) can help make summer gatherings fun and relaxing for people managing diabetes. Here are a few tips.

A woman with type 1 diabetes enjoys the outdoors.

Interview with a Certified Diabetes Educator: Insight and advice for living with T1D

A Certified Diabetes Educator can help people with T1D manage concerns and gain confidence, so they can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying.

A thermometer shows a high temperature during a heatwave

Tips for managing diabetes in all kinds of weather

Managing diabetes can be a challenge even in the best of circumstances. Add extreme weather to the mix, and the challenge can become even more difficult!

Man discussing diabetes goals, prescriptions and concerns while doctor provides recommendations.

Preparing for your first endocrinologist appointment

Planning for your first endocrinologist appointment? Read on to learn helpful tips around setting goals and preparing for prescription discussions.

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