Diabetes Management

Woman reaching for an avocado

Diabetes and glycemic control during COVID-19

Managing diabetes and glycemic control can be streamlined with food choice, healthy routines, and putting the condition mechanics on autopilot. Here's how.

A woman eating yogurt.

Probiotics and diabetes: Supporting the T1D microbiome

Focusing on the relationship between probiotics and diabetes is crucial, as people with t1d have been found to have naturally less diverse microbiomes.

A young girl sneezes into a tissue

How to handle sick days for kids living with T1D

Blood sugar can be unpredictable when your child living with T1D is under the weather. That's why it's vital to monitor glucose levels frequently.

A woman using her smartphone

Understanding A1C numbers: How to use your results for better blood sugar

Understanding A1C numbers can help you manage diabetes. Learn about the A1C test and what your results mean for your future health.

Happy woman outside in the snow

Navigating winter and diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Navigating the cold weather of winter and diabetes has always provided a health challenge, but it might be harder this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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