Living with T1D

Unhealthy foods juxtaposed with healthy foods

Cholesterol and diabetes: How to maintain healthy numbers

Hoping to keep a watch on cholesterol and diabetes? Learn what cholesterol levels are considered healthy and how to minimize the risk of heart disease.

A bowl of colorful cereal

Ultra-processed foods and diabetes: What you need to know

Ultra-processed foods may cause spikes in your blood sugar that are tough to treat. Here's what to know about them and how they might affect your diabetes.

A family eating dinner together

5 tips for setting boundaries with food when living with type 1 diabetes

As people living with type 1 diabetes, we don't want food to stir a rift between us and our family! These tips will give you a recipe for success.

A hand adds cannabis tincture to a bowl of yogurt

Cannabis and type 1 diabetes: Could cannabis be for me if I have T1D?

If you've been wondering whether cannabis and type 1 diabetes go together, this information should help you figure out what's best for you.

A man unpacks a box

Staying ahead of mail delays that could affect your diabetes medical supplies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mail delays slowed the delivery of diabetes medical supplies. Learn how to plan for any future delays.

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