Living with T1D

Woman living with type 1 diabetes working in NASA mission control

Living with T1D: A day in the life of a rocket scientist with diabetes

Here's how a rocket scientist living with T1D navigates an average day — which includes flying the International Space Station from NASA mission control!

Table of healthy food, including bread with gluten, seen from above,

Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease: What's the connection?

Find out how type 1 diabetes and celiac disease are related, what screening test to ask for, and what to eat if you're diagnosed with both conditions.

A woman wearing a mask looks through a window while considering diabetes and COVID-19

6 tips for conquering diabetes and anxiety during COVID-19

Having T1D can create challenges in managing diabetes and anxiety during the new normal of COVID-19. Tips for conquering diabetes and anxiety are here.

A family taking a walk in the woods

How to manage diabetes while enjoying fall activities

Learn how to manage diabetes while enjoying the beautiful fall weather, indulging in seasonal treats, and participating in fall festivities.

Woman Meditates as the Sun Sets

Diabetes and mental health: How to handle yourself when tensions run high

You've got a lot on your plate. Thankfully, it's still possible to manage diabetes and mental health. Try these tips to address stress properly!

Diabetes Management Tip