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TENDERWRAP™ Unna Boot Bandage, Flexible 4" x 10 yds

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Kendall Healthcare TENDERWRAP™ Unna Boot Bandage 4" x 10yds. Nonsterile, Flexible

TENDERWRAP™ Unna Boot Bandage is formulated with nonhardening zinc oxide paste that allows the bandage to remain flexible.


  • Formulated with nonhardening zinc oxide paste that allows the bandage to remain flexible, encouraging patient ambulation and compliance.
  • Gelatin-free eliminates the need for preservatives that in turn reduces the chance of adverse skin reactions.
  • Soft, nonraveling, 100% cotton gauze conforms well to leg contours for a comfortable fit.
  • Impregnated equally throughout the bandage; helps deliver firm, even compression therapy for a multitude of bandaging needs.
  • Provides extra relief from pain and itching.

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