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Erec-Tech Manually Operated Vacuum Errection Device

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  • Item # UR180ETMOS
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As vacuum therapy systems progressed over the years, it became evident that the older systems were cumbersome, hard to use, and not very comfortable for patients. Out of this necessity, the Erec-Tech was derived. The UroMatrix Erec-Tech is newest high quality vacuum therapy system on the market for the non-invasive treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Erec-Tech was designed to be the easiest, most comfortable vacuum therapy system to use on the market.

 The Erec-Tech System Offers:

  • Erection on demand
  •  User friendly, easy application
  • Comfortable soft-gel tension systems with easy loader
  • Penile rehabilitation and improved treatment outcomes
  • The best possible treatment outcomes
  • Total patient support program and lifetime warranty

Your Erec-Tech MOS will come with everything you need including:

  • 4 Multi-sized Soft-Gel Tension Rings
  • Loading cone
  • Easy Loader
  • 2 Comfort isolation inserts
  • Manually operated pump head and Cylinder
  • Sealing gel
  •  DVD
  • Users Manual
  • Discreet packaging and carrying case

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