BARDEX LUBRICATH Carson 2-Way Specialty Foley Catheter 24 Fr 30 cc
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BARDEX LUBRICATH Carson 2-Way Specialty Foley Catheter 24 Fr 30 cc

  • Each of 1 EA
  • Item # 570100L24
  • Manufacturer: BARD HOME HEALTH DIV
  • French Size: 24
  • Balloon Size: 30cc
  • Material: Latex

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Bardex Lubricath Carson 2-Way Speciality Foley Catheter 24 fr 30 cc, Hydrogel Coated, Sterile

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  • Bard 2-Way Bardex® Lubricath® Speciality 30cc Foley Catheters are single-use and sterile.
  • 30cc balloon for postoperative hemostasis.
  • Allows atraumatic insertion for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Hydrogel coating maintains its integrity throughout the course of use, resulting in less trauma upon removal.
  • Used to negotiate the male urethra, particularly when a structure or BPH is present.
  • Coudé tip is useful in negotiating the neck of the bladder in female patients, allowing easier insertion and reduced irritation.
  • Balloon is round and short to provide excellent seating in the bladder thus minimizing leakage and irritation to the trigone.
  • Slightly larger bulb to assist in negotiation of restrictions.
  • Features Bacti-Guard® silver alloy coating and Bard® hydrogel, proven to reduce the incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

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