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ConvaTec Visi-Flow® Irrigation Starter Set, 2-3/4" Flange

  • Each of 1 ST
  • Item # 51401917
  • Manufacturer: CONVATEC

Designed for people with a colostomy for whom irrigation is indicated. This is a complete irrigation system offering the advantages of flow visibility and control, easy front filling and removable stoma cone.

Set contains:

  • 1 Visi-Flow® Irrigator with Stoma Cone
  • 2 SUR-FIT® Natura® Stomahesive® Skin Barriers
  • with Flange
  • 2 Visi-Flow® Irrigation Sleeves
  • 2 SUR-FIT® Natura® Closed-End Pouches
  • 1 stoma lubricant
  • 1 ostomy belt
  • 1 tail closure
  • 1 brush
  • 1 carrying case

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