Adapt Softflex Flat Barrier Ring 2" O.D.
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Adapt Softflex Flat Barrier Ring 2" O.D.

  • Box of 10 EA
  • Item # 507805
  • Manufacturer: HOLLISTER INC

Adapt Softflex Barrier Ring 2" O.D., Flat Shape, Pre-sized Stoma Opening

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  • Sting-free alternative to paste.
  • Flat shape.
  • Can be cut, bent, and stacked together to improve the fit of the skin barrier.
  • Recommended for post operative use.
  • Bathing/swimming allowable.
  • Pre-sized skin barrier stoma opening.
  • For individuals with sensitive skin or limited dexterity.
  • Recommended for home use.
  • Prolongs skin barrier wear time when used under a pouch or 2-piece skin barrier.

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