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Nipro TRUEbalance™ Glucose Meter Starter Kit

  • Each of 1 EA
  • Item # 67H4H0181
  • Manufacturer: TRIVIDIA HEALTH, INC

Nipro Diagnostics TrueBalance™ Glucose Meter Starter Kit, Results in 10 Seconds, No Coding

Nipro Diagnostics TrueBalance™ Glucose Meter Starter Kit gives you true confidence for simple and accurate results. Test strips feature patented Quad-Electrode technology that enables accurate and precise measurements. TRUEfill tip design on test strips allows for precise entry of blood. Quick and easy testing is designed for people of all ages. Large test memory allows you to view and review past test results.


  • Nipro Diagnostics Truebalance™ Glucose Meter Starter Kit is easy to handle.
  • Data management capability.
  • Small, 1mL blood sample.
  • Simple, 2-step testing.
  • Includes date and time stamp.
  • 14/30 day test averaging.
  • Accurate results in 10 seconds.
  • 365 test memory.

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