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Lohmann & Rauscher Suprasorb® F Transparent Film Wound Dressing, 2" x 2.75" (5cm x 7cm)

  • Box of 100 EA
  • Item # LR20461
  • Manufacturer: LOHMANN & RAUSCHER, INC.

Suprasorb® F Transparent Film Dressing provides transparent protection. The polyurethane film is breathable and flexible, creating a wound environment which promotes wound healing through gas and heat exchange. It repels fluids and protects the wound or puncture site from bacterial colonization from the outside. Its transparency makes it easier to inspect wounds and puncture sites. It is flexible, elastic and tear-resistant and very easy to use. Can be wiped clean with disinfectants containing alcohol, iodine and octenidine. It provides reliable protection against outside influences and is not affected by washing or showering. Sterile.

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