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Precision Xtra End/Top-fill Blood Glucose Test Strip (50 count)
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Precision Xtra End/Top-fill Blood Glucose Test Strip (50 count)

  • Each of 1 BO
  • Item # ME99838
  • Manufacturer: ABBOTT DIABETES CARE

Precision Xtra End/Top-fill Blood Glucose Test Strip with TrueMeasure Technology, Glucose and Ketone, 0.6L Small Blood Sample, 5 sec Test Time

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  • Smaller 3/5μL Sample Size-60 % less blood.
  • Simple blood application-End-fill or top-fill, Visual confirmation, Multiple test sites.
  • Minimizes the effects of interfering agents such as aspirin, vitamin C and acetaminophen.
  • Designed to prevent test from starting until there's enough blood on the strip, helping to reduce errors and strip waste.

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