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Ameda DuoShell™ Breast Shells

  • Each of 1 PR
  • Item # EW17231M
  • Manufacturer: AMEDA

Ameda DuoShell™ Breast Shells, Ventilated Backs, Reusable, BPA-Free

The Ameda DuoShell™ Breast Shells protect painful nipples from clothing pressure and friction and may also be used to help draw out flat or inverted nipples.


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  • Ventilated backs allow for air circulation and holes can be positioned on top to prevent milk leakage.
  • When used with CottonRolls™, provides extra protection from leaked drip milk.
  • Reusable.
  • Includes: (2) Aerated shells, (2) Backs for sore nipples, (2) Backs for flat or inverted nipples, instructions for use.
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