How dressings help control infection

Keeping the wound area free of infection is an important part of aiding the body’s natural healing process. While all dressings promote healing, some dressings include special features specifically designed to prevent, control or decrease infection.

Here are the most common ways that dressings help control infection:


Absorbs excess drainage

The body produces fluid (exudate) to treat the affected area. But too much fluid may hinder healing and harbor bacteria. Dressings absorb the excess fluid from the wound area along with the bacteria that may be present in the exudate.


Protects the wound

Dressings not only help maintain the optimal moisture level in the affected area, but they also shield the wound from outside microbes that can lead to infection.


Kills infection-causing germs

Some dressings contain antimicrobial products such as silver, cadexomer iodine or honey. These dressings help to decrease the number of infection-causing microbes in the wound. (These products are generally used for a limited time.)


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