Living with an ostomy

If you have ongoing questions about ostomy care and living, these articles may help.

Summer with an Ostomy - NEW!

Spring brings new opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. But as we move into Spring and Summer, those with an ostomy have some special concerns unique to the season. [READ MORE]


Ostomy & Intimacy  - NEW!

One of the more difficult topics having to do with ostomy surgery is intimacy. Much of this discomfort may have to do with body image, or concern for how your ostomy appliances might get in the way of intimate moments. Those feelings are natural.  But there are several ostomy products that can help you feel more secure in intimate moments. [READ MORE]


Living with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy

Learning to adjust to your life with an ostomy may seem overwhelming, at first. Yet with time and practice you will find that you are able to do almost everything you did before your ostomy. In fact, you may discover there are few changes and limitations on your activities. [READ MORE]


Daily management tips for ostomy care

Your day-to-day stoma care will become more manageable as you get into a regular routine. These tips may help. [READ MORE]


Preventing ostomy pouch leaks

Keeping the skin around the stoma – called the peristomal skin – healthy and clean will go a long way towards helping your ostomy pouch adhere properly and preventing leaks. [READ MORE]


Staying active with an ostomy

Regular exercise boosts your mood, aids in weight management and gives you an overall sense of wellbeing. The following suggestions can help you prevent leaks and keep your ostomy pouching system in place while exercising.  [READ MORE]


Ostomy and odor control

A well-fitting ostomy pouching system should not have any odor while you’re wearing it. If you’re noticing odor, check that the there are no leaks in your pouching system.  [READ MORE]


Ostomy accessories

Various accessories are designed to help meet the individual needs of people with ostomies. Here’s a look at what’s available.  [READ MORE]


10 Ostomy diet tips

Your diet is vital to managing your ostomy. These tips will help you understand how your eating habits affect your ostomy.  [READ MORE]


Traveling with an ostomy

For any trip, planning ahead is key for smooth travels. This checklist will help you get ready no matter where your trip takes you. [READ MORE]


Ostomy care at work

After you've had your ostomy surgery and are ready to return to your job, these tips may help you get back into your regular work schedule. [READ MORE]


Sleeping & stoma care

Getting a good night’s rest is important for your overall health. In the weeks after your ostomy surgery, you may find it helpful to sleep on your side. Placing a pillow against your stomach can gently keep your ostomy pouch in place.  [READ MORE]