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30-Day Supply 90-Day Supply

Leakage Control



Fill in depressions and even out skin contours under a skin barrier. Moldable to unique stoma shapes.

      20 ea   60 ea      




Fills in uneven skin surfaces for improved fit of ostomy appliances.

    4 oz   12 oz or 3 4-oz tubes    



Strip Paste

Fills deeper folds, scars and depressions, to smoothe skin contours and create a tighter seal under a skin barrier.

    4 oz   12 oz or 3 4-oz tubes    



Cleansing & Protection


 Adhesive Remover Wipes

Used to dissolve and remove residue left on the skin from adhesives and skin barriers. It's important to watch skin thoroughly after use.

50 wipes per 60 days or 150 wipes per 180 days



Protective Barrier Wipes

Used on skin around the stoma prior to attaching an ostomy appliance. Help to protect the skin from tape damage and irritation.



Protects irritated or broken skin around the stoma. Absorbs moisture and exudate prior to attaching a skin barrier.

    10 oz per 180 days    





Added to pouches to help eliminate odors. Comes in sprays, gels, drops or tablets.
   8 oz.   24 oz.    



Lubricating Deodorant

Deodorize and provide the added benefit of lubricating the inside surface of drainable pouches, making them easier to empty.

      4 oz.   12 oz.          





Barrier Strips/Arcs

Support longer wear time by ensuring edges of the ostomy barrier do not roll up. Skin-friendly alternative to tape.


20 each/10 pairs or 2 boxes



60 each/30 pairs or 6 boxes




Ostomy Belts

Worn for additional security and confidence. Attach to flangies via a belt-and-loop system, or fit around the flange.

    1 belt per 180 days