Traveling with an ostomy

For any trip, planning ahead is key for smooth travels. This checklist will help you get ready no matter where your trip takes you.

  • Pack twice as many supplies as you think you may need
  • Cut your skin barriers (also called wafers) before the trip for added peace of mind
  • Tuck extra supplies and a change of clothes in your carry-on
  • Empty your pouch before getting on the plane or before driving long distances in the car
  • Consider bringing different types of pouching systems to match your travel plans
  • Carry all Edgepark product numbers and Edgepark’s contact information on a small card in your wallet for easy reference in the event you need to order supplies


Note: Special concerns for airline travel

Consider printing out a Notification Card to present to airport security personnel. Created by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), the wallet-sized card lets security officials know about your condition in a discreet manner. While it does not exempt you from pat-down searches, X-ray scanners and other security measures, it helps make officials more aware of your circumstances.


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