Ostomy & Intimacy


One of the more difficult topics having to do with ostomy surgery is intimacy. Much of this discomfort may have to do with body image, or concern for how your ostomy appliances might get in the way of intimate moments. Those feelings are natural.  But there are several ostomy products that can help you feel more secure in intimate moments.

Pouch covers are available in various colors and fabrics, including terry cloth. These are worn over your ostomy pouch to provide a gentle buffer between your pouch and skin. They can also absorb perspiration and prevent chafing and allergy.

To cover and secure your ostomy pouch, Phoenix Ostomy Belts are a good choice. They feature a wide soft and stretchy elastic band that wraps around the top and bottom of the waist. This forms a pocket designed to support an ostomy pouch in a secure, horizontal position on the wearer's abdomen without interfering with the function of the ostomy appliance. It also lessens noise from the pouch rustling. Removable inserts, surrounding the belt's stomal opening, support peristomal hernias and help prevent leakage.

A variety of Options Ostomy Undergarments are available for men and women.  These undergarments are designed for a discreet appearance and to provide a flatter abdominal profile while eliminating leakage. Men’s undergarments include full briefs and boxer briefs as well as those that are backless with barrier support. For women, Options undergarments include several colors, lacey details and come in both backless and split-lace crotch styles.