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How to empty an ostomy pouch and minimize odors

For a reusable or drainable pouching system, follow these steps to empty your ostomy pouch. Keep in mind, that it’s best to empty your ostomy pouch when it’s about 1/3 to ½ full. If it gets too full, the pouch’s weight may cause it to pull away from your skin, resulting in leaks, skin irritation and odor.


Step 1: Place a sheet or two of toilet paper in the toilet bowl to avoid splash-backs.

Step 2: Hold up the bottom of the ostomy pouch and open the closure. Direct the pouch opening into the toilet and empty the pouch. If the stool is thick you may need to squeeze the outside of the pouch. 

Step 3: Wipe the inside bottom of the pouch with toilet paper, then securely close the pouch.


Step 4: Clean up any spills or splashes and throw away trash.



To minimize odors with your colostomy pouch:


After emptying a colostomy pouch, consider using deodorizers to prevent odors. Deodorizers come in many forms, including filters, liquid deodorants and tablet deodorants placed in the bottom of the colostomy pouch, and spray deodorants to freshen the air after emptying a colostomy pouch.


Other ostomy care tips to prevent odors include:


·         Thoroughly dry your reusable colostomy pouch

·         Make sure the pouching system is adhering properly to the skin

·         Moderate your consumption of foods that cause gas


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