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Juxta-Fit™ Essentials Standard Full-Calf Lower Legging Compression Wrap Large Long, 46 to 56cm Calf Circumference

  • Each of 1 EA
  • Item # CI70125111
  • Manufacturer: MEDI USA LP

Providing the same great support of the Juxta-Fit™ Premium, and with an expected lifespan of 6 months, Juxta-Fit™ Essentials garments are an economical alternative for patients with moderate to severe lower leg Lymphedema. Instantly adjustable inelastic bands make this garment easy to apply, remove and target specific areas as needed throughout the period of wear. Each Juxta-Fit™ system includes a user-friendly BPS™ guide card with multiple compression ranges for quickly and accurately verifying the application of prescribed compression levels.

  • Built-In Pressure System™ ensures compression levels.
  • Patented Juxta-Lock™ Band System for easy application.
  • Anti-odor Silvertec™ lining.
  • Controlled bandwidth gradient compression. Limited linear stretch material hugs limb.
  • Machine washable.
  • Six-month warranty.
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