Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts are designed for non-professionals that order supplies for patients other than themselves. With Linked Account access, a single user can access multiple patient accounts from one login, to place and monitor orders for these patients online. Linked Accounts are useful for individuals in the following roles:
  • Adult child of a disabled or senior parent.
  • Durable Power of Attorney for HealthCare (DPOA) for a disabled adult, or for a minor or dependent.
  • Parent, Legal Guardian or caregiver of a disabled or senior adult patient.
  • Parent or Legal Guardian of a minor or dependent.

Review this important information before you submit your request for Linked Account access.

Steps to set up Linked Accounts

  Log in to your Account. From the Account Overview page, select Linked Accounts from the left-hand side of the screen.  

For new Edgepark patients:

  1. If this is the patient's first order with Edgepark, select " Add a New Account" on the Linked Accounts page.
  2.  Complete the online form. You'll need the following information about the patient:

    • Date of birth
    • Address and phone number
    • Doctor's phone number
    • Diagnosis or condition
    • Health insurance information (ID and Group Number, relationship to policy holder)
  3. Place the patient's first order online.
  4. Then, download the two Linked Account forms.
    • Linked Accounts Request Form
    • Linked Account Authorization Form
  5. Complete both forms, including the required signatures by the patient or the patient's representative, and upload via the  Documents page.

For patients with an existing Edgepark account:

  1. On the Linked Accounts page, choose "Request link to an Existing Patient Account."
  2. Download the Linked Account forms.
  3. Complete both forms, including the required signatures by the patient or the patient's representative and upload via the Documents page.
  4. Once Edgepark receives and processes your forms, the online accounts will be linked. An e-mail notification will be sent to both the patient and the person granted Linked Account access.

Important information about using Linked Accounts

    Simply create a login for your own Edgepark account. No further action is needed.
  2. You must have an account in your own name, even if you are not ordering supplies for yourself.

  3. The accounts to be linked MAY NOT share the same e-mail address. All accounts must have a unique e-mail address.
    *See below for more information on e-mail addresses.

  4. The person requesting Linked Account access to a patient must be 18 or older. We cannot give a minor access to another patient's account.

    For example, if you have two children for whom you place orders, we cannot link the accounts of the two children to each other. You will need to create your own account FIRST, and then both children's accounts can be linked to yours.

  5. For new Edgepark patient accounts, you can place the patient’s first medical supply order when you set up the patient account. A signed Linked Account Authorization Form and a Linked Account Request Form will be required, however, before you can place the patient’s next order. If these forms are not received, your access will be suspended.

  6. An individual with a Linked Account can order on a patient’s behalf but cannot change the patient’s account password or other secure information.

*If you have used your own e-mail address to set up the patient's account, you will need a second, unique e-mail address for your own account. Gmail offers a simple way to create a new e-mail account.