What products are available to manage urinary and fecal incontinence?  

There are a variety of incontinence products available to wick away and absorb the moisture from accidental loss urine or feces. In general, incontinence products are designed to either be used along with your regular underwear – or as a replacement for it.


The main categories of incontinence absorbent products: 

Guards (Men)/Panty liners or pads (Women)

These body-shaped pad inserts absorb light to moderate urinary incontinence. They can be used with a mesh or knit style undergarment or with regular underwear for added protection.


Mesh or knit pant

To hold pads or liners in place, these reusable and washable undergarments offer light to moderate absorbency of urinary incontinence.


Protective underwear

For the look and feel of regular underwear, these products pull on and off like underwear. They offer moderate to heavy urinary leakage protection.


Briefs/adult diapers

While incontinence briefs look like underwear, they come on and off with tabs at the waistband making them easy to remove. They’re available in a wide range of absorbencies for urinary and/or fecal incontinence.


Belted undergarments

To provide added security and protection for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence, belted undergarments have elastic bands at the sides. They function like briefs and adult diapers but tend to be less bulky.



To absorb urinary and/or fecal leakage and reduce odors, underpads can be used on wheelchairs, beds and furniture.


Skin care

A variety of products are available, such as washcloths that kill germs and reduce irritations to maintain healthier skin. Powders and cream are available to protect skin and eliminate odor to improve discreetness for those with urinary and/or fecal incontinence.



Special care when using absorbency products

To ensure that skin stays healthy when using absorbency incontinence products like adult diapers and pull-ons, consider these ideas:

  • Whenever possible, clean and dry the skin right away after urinating or having a bowel movement.
  • Use mild or rinse-free cleansers that are mild and gentle on skin. 


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