FAQs for Health Care Professionals

At Edgepark, we understand that ordering supplies for your organization and your patients as quickly and accurately as possible is a priority for health care professionals. We have provided some frequently asked questions and answers so you can find the information you need. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly via e-mail or at 877-EDGEPARK (877-334-3727), if you have additional questions.


Health Care Professionals and ICD-10

  • Edgepark is asking more specific questions about the condition(s) for which you’re ordering your patient’s supplies so we can serve the patient more effectively. We know this seems like a lot. The more details we are able to gather up front, the greater the likelihood that health insurance billing claims and order processing will go smoothly, without us needing to call you back for more information. This helps us get your patient’s order to them more quickly and easily.

    Please note, in most cases, you’ll only have to answer these questions one time for each condition. When you re-order supplies, we’ll already have the information on file and, most likely, we won’t need to ask you again.

  • ICD-10 is the 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), a medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO).  In short, it is a system that is used to assign numeric codes to diagnoses of illness or injury, commonly used for billing purposes.

    This version of the classification and coding system was first introduced in 1994; countries around the world have gradually adopted it in the years since. Originally, all organizations in the United States dealing in health information and diagnosis were required to complete conversion to the 10th revision of this system by October 1, 2011. This deadline has been delayed a number of times, and is currently set at October 1, 2015.

    What this means to health care professionals is the necessity of understanding a new, more specific medical coding system. Where ICD-9 contained approximately 17,000 diagnostic codes, the U.S. ICD-10 Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM), for instance, includes some 68,000 codes. The U.S. also has the ICD-10 Procedure Coding System (ICD-10 PCS), a coding system that covers 76,000 codes not used by other countries.

    While the Federal mandate for transition allows for “cross-walks,” or conversion of the ICD-9 code to ICD-10 codes via electronic mapping or other method, it is important to understand the process by which a diagnosis is reached, and how the codes are applied, in order to accurately submit billing claims to health insurance providers on behalf of patients, to bill patients directly, and to correctly document patient data in charts, EHR systems and other medical files.

    The basic structure of the ICD-10 code is as follows: Characters 1-3 (the category of disease); 4 (etiology of disease); 5 (body part affected), 6 (severity of illness) and 7 (placeholder for extension of the code to increase specificity.)

    Source: Wikipedia

  • Across the health care industry, converting from ICD-9 to ICD-10 systems requires adjustments in each and every organization, hospital and medical office. This means development, installation and testing of new software, changes to processes, policies and guidelines, updates to forms and records, and related training for physicians, staff members and administrators.

    Edgepark is allowing ample time for the thorough evaluation of all business areas affected by this change, and carefully managing the transition for each.

    In addition, this conversion represents an opportunity for Edgepark to better serve our patients. Gathering more detailed information for accurate diagnostic coding not only helps us to submit more accurate health insurance claims, it also gives us the knowledge to present customers like you with more relevant products and information to better manage your patients' conditions, and to drive future enhancements that will better meet the needs of you and your patients.

  • Don’t worry – we’ll examine the information that you’ve provided and contact you if anything requires clarification.  We’re here to help. And remember – it’s as important to us as it is to you and your patients, to make sure the information we have is accurate and complete.

  • Wounds are handled differently than some other conditions. For the most part, they are temporary, and their characteristics, like size and texture, and the materials used for treatment, can change as they heal. Most health insurance providers want to see the most recent information about your patient's wounds when we submit billing claims. So, even though you have entered them before, we’ll need to ask again, in order to get updated and accurate information.

    If you are ordering an item that is not for wound care, and the site is asking you to identify the wound for which it will be used, simply select, "Not For Wound" in the dropdown menu (see example below.) You may be asked to identify the condition for which this item will be used.



General Questions

  • By accessing your organization’s Edgepark account online you can:

    • Place orders 24/7 from your computer
    • Check order statuses for your organization or patients under your care
    • View order histories for your organization or patients under your care
  • Setting up online access to Edgepark.com for your organization happens in two phases. First, someone in your organization must be identified as the administrator for your account. This person will need to complete the Organization Account Request Form, and will need to create their username and password, and select their security questions and answers. Upon submission, Edgepark's Sales and Web Help Desk teams will set up an administrative account for the organization. The administrator will be notified by their Edgepark representative when setup is complete. At that point, the administrator will be able to log in and view the Edgepark accounts of all patients under the organization’s care. In addition, to give greater access to all health care professionals within your organization, the administrator can then set up sub-accounts for the organization’s staff members.

    After the administrator creates a sub-account for an individual staff member, that staff member will receive an e-mail with a link inviting them to finish their profile creation by setting a unique username, password, and selecting security questions and answers. Once this has been completed, the administrator will receive an e-mail notification. The staff member will now be able to log in and view the organization’s patients’ accounts.



  • For your patient’s first order with Edgepark, we’ll need to verify the diagnosis with the prescribing doctor, and validate the patient’s health insurance coverage. To do this, we will need the doctor’s phone number, the patient’s diagnosis and the contact information for the patient's health insurance provider’s. You can provide this information by creating an account for your patient online, or by calling in the order.

    Once Edgepark receives this information, we will contact the doctor to verify the prescription, along with contacting the patient’s health insurance provider to verify policy information. Before completing the order, we will contact you either via e-mail or by phone to review the coverage and pricing details.

    After the patient’s initial order is placed, additional orders usually take less time.

    View our video on order processing for more information.

  • Once your organization has been set up with an administrative account on Edgepark.com, your administrator can create an account for you. When this is done, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to complete your profile by creating a username and password, and to select your security questions and responses. When your profile is complete, log in to your account, and you will be able to see the accounts of all patients under your organization’s care.

  • Yes. Once your account has been set up, log in to the site, and you will be able to view all of your organization’s patients by selecting Patients on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • With your Edgepark.com account, you will be able to view a patient’s account as the patient would, with some exceptions. By selecting to view a patient account, you can:

    • See patient-specific notifications about order status, health insurance changes, product recalls and other pertinent information.
    • View patient order history and order status.
    • Address required actions to keep an order moving.
    • Place an order on behalf of the patient.
    • Update patient information such as doctor, condition and health insurance.

    You will not be able to change the patient’s demographic information, profile information (username, password, or security questions) or payment methods on file. All other data can be seen by a health care professional who is ordering on behalf of the patient.

    Health Care Professional Account Administrators will also be able to:

    • View listings of all the sub-account holders for their organization
    • Set up new sub-accounts under the organization’s account
  • Patients may receive any number of notifications related to the verification process or to their orders. For each notification, there is an explanation included on the patient’s account page detailing what actions may be needed. An e-mail will also be sent to the patient’s e-mail address for each notification.

    For example, In Progress, Shipped, Partially Shipped, Cancelled, Returned and Backordered are all notifications patient may receive to let them know the status of their order.

    Patients may also receive notifications about a balance due, product recalls or other important information not directly related to an order.

    Please note: If action is required on the part of a patient and the patient does not resolve the issue, Edgepark will contact the patient either via e-mail or by phone to assist him or her. In some cases, the health care professional ordering on the patient’s behalf may be able to address the issue at hand.

  • The cost per item for patients is based on their primary and secondary health insurance coverage, but other factors may be involved. When viewing your patient’s product detail page, you will see pricing per item based on his or her specific health insurance. You will also be able to see what items may not be covered by health insurance, meaning the patient would have to pay for these items out of pocket. Finally, you will be able to see copays required and the patient’s deductible status.

  • To protect patients’ privacy, Health Care Professionals can set up orders on a patient’s behalf but cannot change the patient’s account password or other secure information. Patients will need to create their own usernames and passwords to update information on their accounts.

  • Patient Consent Form, Physician’s Written Order (PWO) and other necessary forms are available for you to download to your computer. You or your patient can then fill these out and submit them electronically.

    Learn more about all of the available online forms and instructions on downloads.

  • Medicare and some health insurance providers have specific guidelines on when you can order additional supplies. Medicare, in particular, does not permit us to ship supplies to patients unless they have nearly exhausted the supplies they have on hand.

  • When ordering online, if you are viewing the patient’s account, this information will be available during the checkout process. You will be able to follow the onscreen prompts to adjust the patient’s order, based on their limits.

  • Patients may still be able to place an order if they have a balance due. Edgepark allows patients to make partial payments, but they’ll need to pay at least 30% of the balance due before they can place a new order. Patients can call 1-800-307-5930 with additional questions on partial payments, or follow the prompts to make a payment.





  • ContinuCare is a free service provided by Edgepark to ensure that patients don’t run out of supplies. Once patients enroll in ContinuCare, they will receive a reminder call and/or e-mail indicating it’s time to renew their order. 
    Here’s how it works:

    • Two weeks before the patient’s next order is due, we will begin the confirmation process through e-mail and/or phone calls to the patient.
    • After a patient confirms their order, we will process it according to their health insurance plan requirements.
    • Patients will receive a shipment confirmation via e-mail.

     Other ContinuCare benefits:

    • Edgepark adjusts the patient’s next order ship date based on the last order date, saving patients time and hassle, and ensuring they receive supplies at just the right time.
    • Patients can adjust their current or future ContinuCare orders at any time by logging in to their Edgepark accounts, or by calling Edgepark, as long as the quantities ordered fall within their doctor’s prescribed usage.
    • Health Care Professionals may also manage ContinuCare on behalf of their patients by viewing their patients’ accounts, online.
  • There are a several ways patients can set up ContinuCare orders:

    • Log in to your account, and click on My ContinuCare to begin setting up orders.
    • Place your next order on the Edgepark.com, and follow the prompts to set up eligible items on ContinuCare.
    • Call to place your order, and let the Customer Care Specialist know that you would like to enroll in the ContinuCare service.
    • Health Care Professionals may also set up ContinuCare schedules when viewing a patient’s account online.