FAQs - Document Upload

  • There are several instances where you may need to submit forms to Edgepark for us to complete your order. For your convenience, most of these forms are available to download, fill out and then submit online.

    The most common forms we may request from you include the following:


    • Patient Consent Form: To allow Edgepark to discuss your order with the necessary parties, such as your health insurance provider, to process payment for your supplies.
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): By signing this form, Edgepark is able to discuss your medical subscription with necessary parties, such as your doctor and health insurance provider.
    • Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN): For Medicare customers, this form may be submitted for several reasons, such as:
      • To confirm that you want to order an item not covered by Medicare by paying out-of-pocket.
      • To confirm that you wish to order supplies that may not be reimbursable through Medicare and so you understand that you may need to pay for these supplies out-of-pocket.
      • To confirm that you want to order supplies other than those provided by your home health nurse and that you will be paying out-of-pocket for those supplies.
    • Linked Account Request form: To request access to an existing patient account to order supplies on his or her behalf. This form must be accompanied with a signed Linked Account Access Authorization form.
    • Linked Account Access Authorization form: To authorize someome else to order supplies on your behalf.
    • Physician’s Written Order (PWO): To confirm your doctor’s prescription and needed supplies. In instances when this form is required, we will contact your doctor and provide the required form, which they will then return to us.
    • Log Book: For people with diabetes, this form is a helpful tool for reporting your blood glucose levels (some health insurance providers require this document).
  • To download forms go to Edgepark’s Document Upload page and select the form you need. Click on the form and it should automatically download onto your computer.

  • This is called an “upload.” To upload completed forms to Edgepark, you will need to be able to scan the document and save it on your computer in one of the following formats:


    Once you have your completed document saved on your computer, log in to your Edgepark.com account. On your Account Overview page, select Document Upload on the left-hand side of the screen. Follow the onscreen instructions to upload your form.

  • Yes, if someone has a Linked Account (you have authorized them to have access to your account to place orders on your behalf), then he or she can submit those forms through their Linked Account. Healthcare professionals who order on your behalf will also be able to upload documents to your account.

  • During your online ordering process, you will be prompted as to what forms are necessary to complete your order. For those forms that need to be completed by your doctor, we will notify him or her and provide those forms on your behalf.

  • Contact your health insurance provider to ask about specific requirements associated with filling in and submitting your log book.