Ostomy Accessories to Help You Have a Great Summer!

Spring brings new opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. But as we move into Spring and Summer, those with an ostomy have some special concerns unique to the season. Increased activity and higher temperatures affect pouch wearers:

Leakage may be more of a concern as warmer temperatures and increased activity can cause perspiration that affects pouch adherence. Paste, rings and seals fill in gaps to contain potential leaks.

Warmth can also be a security issue. Barrier strips and arcs will help keep pouches secure, and ostomy belts help flatten and disguise pouches under swimsuits and thinner clothing.

Moisture can make skin more sensitive as well. Protective Barrier Wipes help keep skin around the stoma cool and dry.

This may be the perfect time to add a deodorant to your pouch. Deodorants come in many forms – sprays, gels, drop and tablets. Lubricating deodorants mask odors and coat the inside of the pouch to make it easier to empty and clean.

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