FAQs - Account Setup and Management

  • To ensure that you receive the maximum coverage allowable under both your primary and secondary health insurance plans, Edgepark records this information in your account and verifies the information.

  • These icons are designed as helpful visual clues as to your order status, and include the following:

    • Exclamation point: There is an action required on your part to process your order. Click on the icon to learn more.
    • Truck image: Shipping for your order has been completed. No action is required on your part.
    • Circular starburst: Edgepark is processing your order. No action is required on your part.
  • Edgepark is in the process of verifying your health insurance. You do not need to do anything. We will contact you if we have any questions.

  • Yes, this access is called Linked Accounts. Before you can order supplies on another patient’s behalf, the first step is to set up your own account with online access. Then, you can follow the onscreen prompts on the Linked Accounts page to set up an online account for a patient that has not previously ordered from Edgepark, or to gain authorization for access to an existing patient account.

    Once you’ve created your own account online, select Linked Accounts from the left hand side of the screen. If you are setting up an account online for a new Edgepark patient, select Add a New Patient and follow the onscreen prompts. Select Request Access to an Existing Patient Account, if the patient has already placed orders through Edgepark.

    For both new and existing patients, you’ll need to download and fill out both a Linked Account Request form and a Linked Account Authorization form. For new patient accounts, you can go ahead and place the patient’s first order at the same time that you submit the request form, either electronically, by fax or by mail. A signed Linked Account Authorization form will be required, however, before you can place the customer’s next order. For existing patients, both forms must be received before we can link your account to the patient's.

  • Yes. To make changes to your health insurance information, log in to your account and select Health Insurance from the left-hand side of the screen. It takes Edgepark 48-72 hours to verify the changes to your health insurance information so you can place orders. We will contact you either via e-mail or by phone if we have any questions regarding this change.

  • Edgepark needs to have your doctor’s phone number so that we can verify your prescription and receive confirmation to dispense your supplies in the quantities ordered. Having this information helps speed up the ordering process – we take care of all of the paperwork required by your health insurance provider so you don’t have to.

    Please note: Some doctors require that the patient bring in a copy of the Physician’s Written Order for the doctor to fill out, instead of receiving it from Edgepark.

  • Edgepark needs your health insurance information to verify that we can provide supplies under your plan coverage and medical supply limits. With this information, we’re able to contact your health insurance provider on your behalf to make your ordering process as easy and fast as possible. We’re also able to bill your health insurance provider for your medical supplies.

  • Due to privacy rules and regulations, as well as for billing purposes, each Edgepark patient needs to have his or her own, unique e-mail address and account. However, you can authorize an individual (other than a health care professional) to order on your behalf. Or, if you are ordering supplies for more than one patient, you can list more than one Edgepark customer under your account through Linked Accounts.

  • To access your account online, an individual would need your unique username and password. As a service to our patients, we also provide Linked Accounts so that someone else can place orders on your behalf, if you provide authorization.

    Please note: We strongly recommend that patients keep their usernames and passwords confidential and not share this information with others.