Frequently Asked Questions



Edgepark is open and processing orders at this time.  Our Edgepark team is continuously monitoring developments regarding the impact of COVID-19 and will post answers here to popular questions we are hearing from customers regarding COVID-19.



Get your supplies when you need them. These FAQs about our ContinuCare program can help you find the answers you need. Here is some additional information about ContinuCare service.


Document Upload

Have a form that you need to submit to Edgepark? Not sure what form you need or how to get it? Here are answers to some questions that may help you.


Billing and Payment

Want to know how the price of your supplies is determined? How we calculate your copay? Need to know what's covered under your health insurance plan? Here are some explanations that can help you understand how our business works, and how you can get what you need.


Customer Service

Wonder what happens after we take your order? Need contact information to speak with a Customer Care Specialist? Use these frequently asked questions about Customer Service to learn more about our processes and how we can help you.



Need details about Medicare changes, or have questions about how Medicare works and how you can find out what's covered under your plan? These FAQs and answers may provide insight into your benefits and how you can use them.



If you want to know how long it will take to receive your displays, why your order is delayed, how to get samples, or how to setup online access to your account, check out these FAQs on ordering your medical supplies with Edgepark.


Shipping & Returns

Want to know what shipping methods are available? Have questions about Edgepark's return policy? Going on vacation and need to know how to ship your supplies to a new location? These questions and answers can help.


Account Setup and Management

Have questions about accessing your account online? Need to find out how to add a new health insurance policy? Want to know how to place an order on behalf of someone else? Here are some questions and answers to help you get your supplies as quickly and easily as possible.


Health Care Marketplace

Are you wondering how the new health care legislation and the Health Care Marketplace affect you? We've provided some details and resources that can help you find the answers you need.



If you're new to Edgepark or are transitioning from ordering by phone to ordering online, have questions about the security of your information, or need help navigating our site, we're here to help. Check out these commonly asked questions for more information about our Web site.


Text Message/SMS

Receive real-time account alerts via text message/SMS.  Find the answers you need on commonly asked questions including what is SMS.